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Mobile phone devices are definitely an option when thinking about communicating to your target market in the most relevant and interactive way. You can make use of just about any mobile network and device out there these days.   The fact is, trends in mobile marketing and mobile site access are rising sharply – at this point, roughly 12% of users access websites from their mobile phones, and that trend is expected to double within the next year as more and more users are utilizing mobile web browsers.

We all know that smart phones are readily available throughout the market place and currently are excellent breeding grounds with regards to mobile phone marketing. It will help you with economizing your time, energy and effort as well as your cash reserves.   What the online marketer needs to be aware of, however, is that mobile phone users access information in a different way and are typically looking for a different thing when they access your website with a mobile browser.

When someone is searching for local information through their phone, they are typically looking for location information, directions, contact info or a map to your business.  Having this information readily available and accessible on a mobile application is key.

The key to mobility is that people do not need to go to their home pc to be able to search for and purchase their favorite items from stores. This new consumer can carry out all sorts of transactions while they are out and about and thinking of it right that minute. Text based advertising and getting a mobile subscriber list will get to your customer on the device that they cannot live without – their cell phone.   It makes use of mobile e-mail marketing and advertising, mobile phone text messaging, mobile as well as internet sites, location specific promotion along with mobile app advertising. The foreseeable future of advertising is definitely going to be mobile phone promotion. The massive amount and sheer size regarding the sales volume will be tremendous. It is rapidly approaching par with e-commerce.

Our modern society in which most people live comfortably right now has grown a lot more mobile. Many people now simply cannot exist without their phone in their pocket.  (I know, I am one of those!) The best way a person can be contacted by you is actually simply by way of a text message to them. This exact same tactic is now being implemented by local business using mobile marketing. The main target associated with mobile promoting is currently relating to:

* Typically the target might be about apps a smart phone uses or other interactive gadgets that are speeding up ideas and conversations

* Customer care for almost all sorts of things.

* Better video cameras for the end users as well as standardization regarding products and more sharing platforms for social interaction.

* Q-Codes, Short codes for discounts and freebies through real time mobile coupons.

* Soon even your Health care provider will offer their services through mobile devices making it easy to schedule and touch base for critical care needs.

A lot more local small businesses are beginning to choose to provide information regarding their particular expert services via mobile message texting. Their target customers then receive timely messages about things that MATTER to them.

The volume of traffic your web page receives by way of mobile phones is now being tracked by the major search engines in order to start ranking these mobile ready sites. Mobile phone marketing and advertising can save you a small fortune when compared with other styles of promotion or advertising.   So the moral of the story is – don’t be caught flatfooted by this new trend.  Ready your site for mobile users and start getting a list prepared to use SMS texting to send them messages, advertise sales, products and to connect with your customers in a quick and easy way.


Using Mobile Marketing the right way in order to Advance Your Business

1. Understand that Mobile users and Computers Users Are NOT  the Same

Mobile users search online in a different manner.  They aren’t on your internet site to research and thus download and read your PDF information. The vast majority of mobile phone users are usually searching online as a way to find common information because they are running errands while they are out and about.  Having a smart phone with internet access is not often the primary way that users use the internet – it’s a tool of convenience.  . Because of the small size of the phone display they likely have (tablets are obviously an exception) they aren’t interested in clicking all over your website to look for what they need. So an effective mobile site would have minimal but essential info right on the front web page, such as access to a Google map if you are a brick and mortar building, an address, and contact information.

2. Importance of Knowing Your Target Audience

Mobile promotion with text message messages exclusively operates if you transmit a new message to the correct folks. A few establishments make the miscalculation of treating Text (Short Message Service or SMS) like a mass advertising media rather than the targeting resource that it was intended to be.

Text message promotion ads let you employ certain demographic and also behavioral info in order to concentrate on particular buyer categories at certain times. “Targeting” indicates your current sales message is extremely strongly related to buyers, which usually results in a much more productive marketing campaign on the whole.

Therefore to be able to benefit from the best usage of mobile phone marketing, you should definitely carefully target your potential market.  Many are drawn to sms advertising because of the nearly 100% CTR, however, if you spam your users, you may be getting a lot of open, but you will not actually be getting through to them because they will simply delete or skim your message.  Leading to….

3. It Is A Mistake To Use SMS For Hard Sales Tactics

Mobile is a good strategy to connect with customers, however , if all your communication with them is normally hard-selling, then chances are you will lose the majority of your online subscribers. Most companies help to make the blunder of spamming buyers by using hard sales pitches which supply simply no value for the buyer.

Quite a few transmit consistent mail messages pertaining to unimportant goods and many press the same services repeatedly until eventually they turn into a real irritation.

Don’t turn out to be one of those. Alternatively, you should give value to your consumers as a result of all your mobile marketing activities. In the event that shoppers feel as if they really are benefiting from the text promotion relationship they are going to agree to in addition to accept it. Otherwise, your time and effort may potentially damage your brand.

In the same manner as blogging and developing an autoresponder list, your aim should be to provide good, solid, usable tips for your list and give them VALUE.  When you develop a relationship with your base of customers or viewers based on trust, when you DO occasionally recommend a product or service, they will be more likely to pay attention or buy than if that is ALL you do.

4. Mobile Marketing Is Most Effective When Used With Other Advertising

Even though mobile promotion strategies are generally helpful when implemented on their own, they carry much more power when they’re employed as an element of a strong all around marketing program. If you happen to be employing website advertising, marketing via email, or even TV promotions in addition to local newspaper promotions, mobile advertising can easily possibly be a good solid excellent fit for you to incorporate with those strategies.

As an example, you can utilize short codes as part of your call to action during TV ads, radio commercials, and also classified ads. Not only that, but you can easily also put your business’s QR (Quick Response Code) on your other sorts of marketing and advertising activities. Customers could scan your QR code by using their mobile devices and end up being taken directly to your website, get a hold of an instant discount coupon, or even just receive a virtual tour of your organization!

5. Using SMS One Way Marketing For Best Effect

Mobile phone marketing is an excellent approach for you to connect back and forth with customers, but a majority of local business owners make use of it as a uninteresting one-way conversation method. That’s a big mistake! Mobile marketing and advertising is really an effortless way for you to connect to people rather than “sell” to your potential customers.

Think of it as opening up a conversation or giving your customers a way to really communicate with you.

Your current opt-in list will certainly appreciate this much more as well as feel as if you happen to be creating a connection together with them. After they “like” and also “trust” you, that’s when they’ll get started shopping from you. As an illustration, you’ll be able to connect with these folks by means of asking them to text message in some sort of idea with regard to an item in connection with your company. Many people will certainly feel more interested in addition to will probably end up being much more responsive to all or any of your advertising mail messages when you mix things up slightly as well as make it possible for all of them chat back to you.


If you are in business and looking to get your web presence built up in order to get customers or leads, then you are probably in the market for an online marketing guru to help you out.  The term “guru” is way overused these days, and anyone can claim to be a guru in their subject or in a local niche.  The problem is, for someone who needs help in a particular area, defining who is a genuine online marketing guru and who is just trying to take your money can be difficult.

Well, that’s why I am writing this article, to give you tips you can use to find that perfect fit for your online business when looking for a marketing partner.  So – let’s get right down to it.

Step one – define what it is you are actually looking for.  Do you want someone to give you an overall marketing strategy that you can then implement yourself?  Or do you want to find someone who can actually define what you need to do using your goals and then implement that online marketing strategy for you?   You need to define this before you approach someone, that way you can give them a set of expectations when you talk to them.  The tighter your expectations, the more apt you are to get what you want for your money.

Step two – start looking.  You can look for a local online marketing guru a couple ways.  First are obviously your fellow businesses in the area.  Ask for recommendations!  Maybe they had a great experience with a local (or not so local!) company or service, or maybe they can tell you who to avoid.  You probably don’t want to approach your competitors, but you should approach your neighboring businesses or other businesses you have interacted with.

Another portion of your search can be online.  Use LOCAL keywords.  So if you live in Wooster Ohio, use a term like internet marketing guru Wooster Ohio, or internet marketing firm Wooster Ohio and see who comes up.  Next, I am going to tell you to IGNORE PAID SEARCH.  These are the ads in the top of the page and on the side of the page that are in a box or highlighted a different color.  And yes, I hear the internet marketers of the world gasping as I say this.  But why, you ask?  Well, first – I am writing this article for YOU, the consumer.  I’m not writing this from the perspective of being an internet marketer and trying to get customers.  I am tired of hearing about people getting ripped off.  So – ignore the paid search because anyone that can pay for a click can place an ad and that does not mean they are reputable.  Instead, look in the organic search results to see what comes up with your search.  If you don’t see any relevant results, drop the “Ohio” or try using a zip code, or maybe go to the next biggest city in your local area.

And no, you don’t always need to use a local company, but, if you are new to this, I would suggest it because the huge firms cannot offer the first time investor the kind of personal attention you really need in order to make your internet marketing efforts a success.

So, those are my recommendations if you are looking for a local internet marketing guru to help you or your business build your online success.  There are other articles on my blog about specific questions you can ask companies when interviewing them for the position (yes, INTERVIEW THEM – make no mistake, an internet marketing firm needs to work FOR you), and my weekly newsletter offers tips for making your internet marketing endeavors a success, no matter what your level of expertise.

If you are just starting out in learning to market your business online, or looking for an online marketing workshop or web marketing workshop, this is the place you need to start.  You have figured out how important it is to have an online presence for your business obviously, so now you need to go about figuring out how to build your empire.

So let’s get started.

The first thing we are going to cover in this online marketing workshop is deciding what your keywords are.   You are probably thinking that you want to find the keywords with the absolute MOST traffic, and target those because those will bring you the most customers, right?  Well, actually, no, that’s not right.  Think of this like learning to swim.  When you are learning to swim, you don’t start by jumping off the cliffs of Dover.  You start in the baby pool with your cute little orange floaties on.  You want to start first with keywords that have LESS traffic, that are MORE TARGETED toward your site and service. The best way to do this is to start by local geo-targeting.  In otherwords, add geographic descriptors to your keywords, like “web marketing workshop Wooster Ohio” instead of “web marketing workshop” or “web marketing”.

Since we are working on local search terms your research should be pretty simple.  All you need to figure out is “What do my customers search Google for”?  This search term will become your keyword.

Essentially it comes to a simple formula – simply combine your location with your product or service.  If you have a online marketing firm in Wooster then a pretty good start would be “Wooster Online Marketing Consultant”.  If you live in a popular city like Cleveland or Columbus, name you might want to include your neighborhood name as well (i.e “Euclid Ohio Online Marketing Consultant”).  Once you have combined your locale with your product/service you can use the Google’s keyword tool (http://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal) to get an idea of how many people actually search for your term.

If you live in a smaller town you might not get many or any results in the keyword tool but that is fine.  We want to start by mastering the smaller terms FIRST before we move on to the larger terms.  Google’s tool doesn’t track terms that get less than 250 searches per month.  It doesn’t matter if not a ton of people are searching for your term though because everyone who does search for it is super targeted and on the verge of buying if they are looking for a term that specific. (Think of it like this – if someone is searching for internet marketing on the web, they are maybe just trying to get a few ideas, kick tires, etc.  However, if they are looking for Internet Marketing Consultant Firm Wooster Ohio, they are looking for ME!!)  If you don’t see a number in the monthly search column, then ask around your circle of friends and see what they would search for if they were looking for your product/service.

Once you have your “keyword” (your location + your product/service in most cases) then you are ready to optimize your website for local based searches.  We will be covering this step next, so stay tuned for the next installment of Lucidity Marketing’s online marketing workshop!

Lucidity Marketing offers a variety of internet marketing packages, and if you do not find one to suit your company’s needs, we will work with you to design a package that does.  In addition, Lucidity Marketing offers a-la-carte products if you just want to purchase a one-time article marketing plans or email plan, or other item outside of a package.

Here is a review of our most popular internet marketing packages and what it will cost you.  Our most popular plan is a three month package, which offers you three months of services article marketing, social media posts, directory submission and SEO review.  All our internet marketing packages include a free keyword report to get your campaign moving in the right direction, so we can review with you the most lucrative keywords for your website.   You will select 3 to 5 keywords that you would like to target, and we will begin the article marketing portion of your campaign for you for each of these keywords.

This package is a fabulous way to begin to get your site ranked for the keywords you choose, and will cost you anywhere between $900 to $1200 per month, depending on the number of keywords, the content (whether you provide it or we write it) and the changed we need to make to your site for optimization.  Most internet marketing companies charge a minimum of $1500 per month for these services, and up to and well over $2000 per month.  We also offer these continuity packages in 4 different levels, bronze, silver, gold and platinum, which range from 3 to 12 months, obviously with a deeper discount for longer packages.  With these packages, you can keep the same keywords to target for keywords with a lot more competition, or you can change them month to month.

In addition, we offer other internet marketing packages, such as a-la-carte packages, from one-off article marketing packages starting at 1 article for $250.00 to 4 articles for $400.00.  We offer landing page creation, video creation, content creation, directory submission, email marketing set up and more.  If it’s something your business needs for online marketing, we can do it!

In addition, throughout the execution of your internet marketing package, we guarantee that you will always work with the same representative; you will have direct email and telephone access to your account representative with no confusing phone directories or long wait times for answers to your questions.  We also specialize in helping small, local businesses get their web presence built, so we genuinely care about the little business in the big world.